One of my favorite places. Love Tulum, Mexico.


Exploring ancient sites with Trevor never gets old.


I’ve got a few tips for you. 😉 . . ☝️Wash your hands. . ✌️Dont touch your face. . 🖖Stay Home. . . Just kidding 😂 You know those things... here are my real tips: . . Take this time to remember who you are and why you’re here. Surround yourself with positivity— IE stop the mad scroll if its full of worried people. Diffuse your favourite uplifting + inspiring oils (my all time fav blend is 4 drops Bergamot + 2 drops Arborvite 👌) Play Games with your kids— stop the homeschool stress out (life is the best school). Take this time to not just get a ton of things done, but to take time for YOU. Meditate. Yoga— take advantage of all the FREE stuff online! Think into the future! What do YOU want your new normal to look like? (YOU have the power to change + do anything) . . And last one: come to my free zoom livestream tomorrow (Monday) 10am MST “Essential Oils | A Virtual Class for the Beginner” to learn about simple, natural + safe tools you can use to support your family’s emotional + physical wellness in your own home. 👏 . . After class, I’l be sharing a short Business overview for those of you looking into the future and are ready to start building a sustainable business for YOU, right now. DM me for the link or head to @weareessentiallyabundant on FB. See ya there! ✌️


Due to its overpowering smell, this fruit has been banned on many types of transport across the world. Its flavour is a strange combination of savory, sweet, and creamy all at once. It tastes like diced garlic and caramel poured into whipped cream. But do you know what, this lockdown is making me crazy and I'd do anything to eat it again! Do you know this fruit's name? Have you tried it? #travelmemories #southeastasia #asia #vietnam #vietnamesefood #hoian #market #eatlocal #doyoutravel #worldingram #travelfamily #takethemwithyou #kidswhotravel #roamtheplanet #exploremore #travel #traveladdict #travelgram #backpacker #backpackingfamily #wanderlust #seekadventure #nomadicfamily #budgettravel #travelbug #instapassport #podrże #wóczykij #dzieckowpodrży #globtrotter


Our daily routine looks a little different right now, so we’re trying to incorporate something fun or new into each day to mix it up and stay positive. Since it’s a rainy day here in Florida, we’ve been in the bus all day. Rainy days stuck inside are the best for getting cozy, watching a movie, and laying on the pull out bed in the front of the bus. We usually all hang out on our bed during lazy rainy days, so we are loving it up here (and also closer to the snacks too😂😋)! If you need us.....we’ll be here all day 😴🌧


• E V A S I O N • ⛺ Se construire une #cabane à la #maison sur la terrasse. Avoir leur BULLE dans notre petit chez nous #homesweethome pour raconter des histoires encore et toujours , on aime les regarder faire. Aujourd'hui nous leurs avons demandé si ils avaient des questions sur cette situation . Ils nous ont dit nous n'en n'avons qu'une mais vous ne pourrez pas nous répondre : " Quand cela va t il s'arrêter ? " . . Profiter de les avoir un peu PLUS encore avec nous et les AIMER si FORT 🙏🏽 . . Et vous est ce que les enfants ou ados vous posent beaucoup de questions sur le #confinement ? Prenez soin de vous #stayhome #staysafe #prenezsoindevous


Aquí estamos! 😝 Toda la family bien. Volvimos un mes antes de lo previsto desde la India 🇮🇳 en uno de los 😅 últimos vuelos regulares ✈️ disponibles horas antes del cierre de fronteras. . Poniendo nuestro granito de arena. Entre todos hay que parar al virus 🦠 de la coronilla. Llevamos días “confitados” en un rincón de la comarca catalana de la Garrotxa viviendo en nuestra campervan en una gran finca privada en la montaña junto a una casa rural y una pequeña iglesia en la que compartimos espacios con la comunidad que nos acoge. . Qué tal esas familias en ruta? Dónde y cómo estáis confitados? Será un gustazo saber de vosotr@s! . #covid #covidkindness #covi̇d19 #familiasenruta #garrotxa #family #campervan #enfurgomolamas #catalunya #catalonia #cataluña #vanlifers #vanliferseurope #nomadic #nomadiclife #nomadicfamily #travel #travelwithkids #viajarconniños #worldschooling #unschooling #familyadventures #kids #freerangekids #lockdown


Some of the best memories are good times with our parents or our children. What is your favorite parent/kid activity? #dirthappens #venturewipes #fulltimefamilies #rvlife #rvliving #rvnation #campingnation #survivalcamping #survivorman #nomadiclife #nomadicfamily


I was in two minds about our trip to Russia on the Trans-Siberian Express. The Corona Virus was in its early days and the global communication was very mixed. ⁠ ⁠ We were reassured by our Tour Group Manager that all was well and even with the new Mongolian restrictions coming into play, we would be allowed back in to the country at the end of the trip.🤔⁠ ⁠ If you know anything about living in a developing country what they say one day, even in writing, can change pretty quickly the next day. Even this niggle in the back of our mind we were comforted by the fact that if we were dragged off to a Russian quarantine facility we would at least be together!😬⁠ ⁠ Considering we were now all homeschool families as well, it turned out to be a fabulous educational field trip for us and the kids. This open air historical museum "Taltsy" was a HUGE hit with the kids.⁠ ⁠ Here Casey is standing in one of the very well maintained wooden buildings in a village replicating life in the time before vaccines. For the first time in my life I have an inkling of what it would have been like in those times when a family or community member fell ill and the fear that would come with the illness.⁠ ⁠ Today I am thankful for all the vaccines we do have and for the scientists and researchers working towards a vaccine to knock this new virus on its head.⁠ ⁠ Check out our link in bio for more on this trip.


More from Petrified Forest National Park: the kids measuring a petrified log for their junior ranger books and pics of the Northern end of the park and what’s left of the old Route 66 road. ❤️ . #arizona🌵 #nationalparksusa #petrifiedforest #petrifiedforestnationalpark #roadschool #homeschoolers #worldschoolers #nomads #nomadicfamily #familytraveling #roadtrippin #roadtripusa #roadtrips #route66 #rvlife #fulltimefamilies #travelblogging #waybeyondthenorm


I really did not expect to ever experience Palm Sunday in a place with native palm trees! I certainly don’t mind these days in such a beautiful place, but I’m excited to be back in the dense forests of the Great North Woods again one day. Take care, all. #strangedays #palmsunday #lent #quarantine #nomadicfamily #rvfamily


😳 Found ourselves in the LA Times A few weeks ago, a well written @latimes reporter by the name of @kurtisalee came by and talked to us (from a distance) about how the shut downs have affected not just our family but other @fulltime_families who are facing similar decisions. Their talented photographer @ginaferazzi snapped some photos (also from a distance) to breath life into the change is everyday we are now facing. The pandemic has spread across the world, affecting everyone in one way or another. One of those groups not often discussed is traveling families who are only able to shelter in their RVs instead of a house and yard. While some are able to stay, others are being kicked out of the place they are trying to hunker down and shelter in place. The common thread is everyone is concerned about where they’re home base is or will be and uncertainty can be felt by all. Great article! LINK IN BIO


F o r • b e t t e r or for worse. We’re in this together, boo. If you’ve been following our stories then you know we’ve been facing some difficulties the past couple of days. We’ve been praying about it and talking through each next step and so many of you guys have been sending prayers our way as well. As of right now we’re still stuck, but feeling hopeful that all will be fixed up and we can be on our way soon! . . . . . #nomadiclife #buslife #buslifeproblems #skoolieproblems #skoolie #skooliefamily #nomadicfamily #adventurefamily #retrovibes #aviatornation #pregnancy #vanlifeproblems #vanlife #vanlifediaries #vanlifewithkids #vanlifefamily


[ A R T • L I F E ] Chacun essaie de prendre ses marques dans cette nouvelle façon de vivre en #confinement en se créant une petite bulle #artistique . Peindre , dessiner, lire , essayer d'écouter ses envies . Max a voulu dessiner 🖌 les prénoms de chacun de nous en #calligraphie chinoise . Il s'est beaucoup appliqué et le résultat était vraiment réussi 🙌🏽 Nous sommes souvent avec nos enfants et pourtant nous les découvrons encore 👌🏽et c'est toujours avec joie . . . . Et vous #resteralamaison vous a permis de refaire quoi? Dessiner ? Peindre? Lire? Quelle est la chose que vous faites et n'aviez fait depuis très longtemps ? . . . .


Today the kids and I went on a bike ride and came across a river with water in it! [ this is rare this time of year here in Costa Rica ] . . Watch my stories 👆some guys were doing some bee things in the back of a truck— not sure how to call that clearly...🤣 but they were collecting honey I think.... and as we rode by, they gave us a big slab of honey comb with raw organic honey. [ no picture, but I did a video! ] . . The kids found tad poles + mini frogs... and only one of us got stung by a bee 🐝 😂😳😬 Can you guess who?


We are still waiting for details of flights back to the UK. The British Ambassador conducted a Facebook Live session yesterday, but couldn’t give us, and the other 700 Brits here in Nepal, any indication when the flights might be. One week, two weeks, who knows?! On the bright side, we are isolating with another British family so it’s like we’re on some weird resort holiday. Kids’ club all day and beers at five o’clock is the new routine. The kids love it, but I’m not sure how long the adults will last. . . #lockdownnepal #lockdown #strandedinnepal #repatriation #nepalwithkids #travelkids #fulltimetravel #fulltimetravelfamily #backpackingfamily #nomadicfamily #ourtribetravels #nepal #thamel


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